Matrix.space_generation Of The Latest Blockchain

Matrix.space_generation Of The Latest Blockchain

Matrix.space_generation Of The Latest Blockchain

Blockchain is an interesting concept to explore. This technology is a decentralized digital ledger, which includes transactions, and works with data organized through a series of notes called blocks. This technology uses a secure system and is essential for managing financial data as well as the development of digital currencies such as Bitcoin.

Artificial Intelligence or AI is the ability of a computer to think like a human being even better than humans. In Indonesian Artificial Intelligence or AI means Artificial Intelligence, usually an AI system has the ability to obtain new information to be collected so that the AI ​​system becomes more intelligent.
Artificial Intelligence is usually in the form of a machine or software, the purpose of this AI is to replace the role of man for a job or solving a problem can be more easily and efficiently. And how can a layman of computer science take advantage of the technology of blockchain and artificial intelligence to facilitate their lives?

MATRIX is a project that is being designed to meet that need, making technology safer, faster and more efficient for everyone with easy-to-use applications.
Designed to be a new generation blockchain, MATRIX utilizes the latest AI techniques to revolutionize cryptocurrency landscapes. MATRIX distinguishes itself from previous blockchains by offering breakthrough technology in building a self-optimizing and self-optimizing block network, which has multi-chain collaboration and decoupling of data blocks and controls.

Features MATRIX — Intelligent Blockchain
Easier — Allow everyone to design smart contracts without explicit programming
Safe — Makes blockchains more powerful under malicious attacks
Faster — Enables applications and transactions faster
More flexible — Integrate public and private chains with optimal adaptive capabilities.

MATRIX is designed to build new autonomous roadways for the blockchain industry.
◆ High traffic flow → allows faster applications and transactions
◆ More car types → support larger application options
◆ Easy driving → lets users design smart contracts without any programming skills
◆ Safe and smooth → create more powerful blocks in malicious attacks
Qualitative Quantification

As an example of second-generation chain-chain technology, ether-based squares offer smart contracts, but ethercom’s current intelligence contracts can solve simple linear problems and can not solve more complex contractual requirements, which can not be quantitative qualitative conditions against computer languages , which also severely restricts transaction block chain and the application of space and scope. So to hinder the commercial application chain can be more widespread, the third generation of chain block technology should have the characteristics of qualitative problems that can be measured.

Smart contracts of civilians

As the core of second-generation chain-chain technology, smart contracts can be said to greatly increase the scope of chains and block imagination, but today’s smart contracts (eg square ether) are definitely a bit familiar with the technical staff code to provide technical and support services, you do not understand the language computer, then, I can not take the initiative, easy to use smart contract. So how to make smart contracts of civilians, and really become a tool for everyone can be applied, will be a real chain of chain technology to penetrate into each person an important condition, but also third generation block chain technology must have important features.
Characteristic of the times

Traditional block-chain technology is limited by its era of research and development, that is, that “releasing the stereotype”, and then gradually out of date, today’s bit-bit technology is a good example. In the past, almost all technologies have such features, whether it be the Yahoo internet host, or the leader of the Kodak photography industry, many tech giants can not escape the time and fate of getting knocked out, but its rapid development. Current technology, especially the block chain, which has not become a new technology mainstream, several years of replacement, will give almost all application developers and users have brought various levels of problems, especially for the financial industry. It will be the future. In the block-chain industry, the greatest use of the landscape industry, the frequent replacement of basic technology or major chains, for banks, brokers of the large and sophisticated internal structure of this complex corporate structure, is simply a disaster. So if the chain of blocks itself has developed the characteristics that can be made from time, this is the basis for the widespread use of chain blocks in more industries, especially state-owned or large multinational companies. This is undoubtedly the next generation Block chain is indispensable for a standard.
PoW is the most important consensus mechanism of the current block industry. Currently, most of the mining-type encrypted currencies have no social means to dispose of computing power and resources, such as Bitcoin, Strength and power are used to calculate meaningless hash values. Although this value is a very important part of the chain, value itself is meaningless to society as a whole. How to fully utilize these computing resources and resources to do things that are more beneficial to society, that is, the profitability of society, because we must be in the next generation technology block chain to consider the important issues.

Some prototypes and projects are being developed:

Photo: Matrix central Network mining Machine node prototype-Bayesian inference high-performance engine
Competitive MCMC (Monte Carlo Markov) computing power, 500kz logic gate complexity, 200Mhz operating frequency, MCMC calculations faster than i7 50 times, Bayesian networking learning more than three times faster than Titan GPU

Figure: Prototype design of the Matrix Digital assets deposit box
The hot and cold late separation, the private key will never be connected;
Limited LAN area protection;
Confirm Proactive Test before trading to prevent address errors;
Sniffing actively and protecting trade loopholes;

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